VEMA was founded in the year 2000 in a small family workshop in the Municipality of Gozzano (NO), specialized in the exclusive processing of steel.

In the following decade, specifically in 2010, VEMA will start a cautious but steady process of growth both from the point of view of the company strategy and the technical one; The internal staff expands, selecting figures grown in the world of taps, which could bring an added value of technical and commercial knowledge, such as to satisfy a clientele that was expanding more and more beyond national borders and that began to take an interest in steel as a new trend in the future market.

The production spaces are moved to a new structure proportionally suited to the growth that VEMA lived in those years; a structure where nowadays no more simple mechanical operations were performed on components but assembling finished products for all purposes.

Vema Inox Bath, Wellness and Kitchen are the starting point for the new momentum evolutionary that the company intends to carry out in the near future, together with new finishes and high-performance products so as not to leave any goal.